Arkib untuk Julai, 2010

Pic taken from Sedik Esplanade, Kudat.

Photo Credit to C. Makulim

Sabah is definitely a good place to stay…

Listed below are the reasons given why it’s worth a stay in Sabah:

1) Nice beach

2) Nice scenery

3) Relaxing

4) Friendly & warm greetings from Sabahan

5) Sabah bahhhhhh…

6) I want to conquer Mount KInabalu

7) I like adventurous stuff like river rafting

8 ) Enjoy the nature

9) Sexy & Beautiful ladies – The Kadazan & The Dusun

10) I love Sabah!!!

What does electrifying or frying has to do with all these reasons?!!!!

Ah Moi: Aiyoh, why you didn’t pay electricity bill this month?

Ha Moi: What?!!I have paid already lahh! Wait, let me call SESB!

Ha Moi: Harloww..SESB?? Kenapa rumah sa kana putung elektrik ooo?? Sa ssuuuuudah bayar itu bil elektrik.

Minah Sambut Talipon: Tunggu aaa..Ko panggil ini nombor. Dua ampat anam, lima anam anam..

Ha Moi: SESB?? Aiyoh sa punya rumah kena putung elektrik, ancik..Amacam ooo..Sa ada bayar itu bil elektrik..

Bilik 3: Iyakah? Bila ko bayar itu bil? Bagi nombor akaun SESB cik?

Ha Moi: Sa bayar 7haribulan anam mahh…Nombor akaun 12345678

Bilik 3: Wahhh..patutlahh..Ah Moi aaaa..Lu bayar selepas itu tempoh bayar, mesti kana putung elektrik punya sebab kami masih belum update itu sistem..Len kali bayar awal sikit mahh…

Ha Moi: -_- ”

Guess what happened at night?

Bi Ko Moi: Ha Moi, how to take shower if like that?  Very cold. Where is the candle? Ha Moi? Ha Moi? Ha Moi aaaaaaa..Where are you???!!!

Ha Moi: ZzZZzzzzzZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzz

If you were in this kinda situation, do you feel like you want to fry that person just because they simply didn’t update the system effectively and cut your house electricity? And guess what?!! You have to live in darkness for 48 hours in order for the power supply to be connected to your house again?!!

By Earth Pulse

P/S: Sendiri makan pengat, sendiri mau ingat!

P/S/S: Fry them out once for all!!